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Silence Thunder

Silence Thunder

Release : 3 april 2012

Genre :
New Age
World Music
Progressive Death Metal

"Kesunyian Jiwa" is remade with Flute and Harp.
"Concerto Pour Une Voix" all music by HuSinZ, original Song by "Saint Preux"

HuSinZ : Composer, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum etc
Mastering : Seadanya

  Track List  Length  Size  Action
  1. Silence Thunder  05:33  5,12mb  Download
  2. Sad in the Rain  05:57  5,48mb  Download
  3. Missing The Shadow  04:14  3,90mb  Download
  4. Kesunyian Jiwa  03:44  3,45mb  Download
  5. The Night Breeze  04:30  4,40mb  Download
  6. Concerto Pour Une Voix  04:30  3,34mb  Download

Previous Album : Love is Dream

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Love Is Dream

HuSinZ Love Is Dream

Genre :
New Age
Easy Listening
Instrumental Rock
Death Metal
Progressive Metal

HuSinZ : Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum, Orchestra, Flutte, Violin, Cello
Written, Arranged, recorded, mixed, engineered, produced

 Track List  Length  Size  Action
 1. MaRunCa  3:10 2,92mb  Download
 2. HakunaiAku  3:43  3,45mb  Download
 3. Voice From Outback  4:04  3,77mb  Download
 4. The Green Borneo  5:44  5,31mb  Download
 5. Love Is Dream (flute concerto)  9:18  8,57mb  Download
 6. HaBhUTz  4:33  4,22mb  Download
 7. Little village  3:28  3,23mb  Download
 8. Morning on the river  3:22  3,13mb  Download

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